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10 Stunning Hiking Trails In Toronto With Amazing Views

Posted by Alex Clasper

Toronto is a bustling city that’s known for its culture, sports and unique landmarks. What’s less well known about Toronto, is the abundance of stunning hiking trails that are nestled in and around the city. The hiking trails in Toronto have no shortage of incredible views, and offer a wide variety of routes for both beginners and advanced trekkers. In order to help you make the most of the natural beauty that’s on offer in the region, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most stunning hiking trails in Toronto that you simply can’t miss! These are the routes that made it onto our list:

Dundas Peak Trail 

The Dundas Peak trail is located in the heart of the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area which is known for being home to the famous Webster Falls, Tews Falls and Dundas Peak. Getting to walk directly past these incredible natural sites is just one of the reasons this is one of the best hiking trails in Toronto. Aside, from the spectacular views that you get to encounter, Dundas is also a suitable route for hikers of most abilities. The trail is just under 4km and takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete making, it a great option for all the family.

Scarborough Bluffs Trail

In spite of its close proximity to the city, Bluffer’s Park is a serene natural haven that’s home to one of the most gorgeous hiking trails in Toronto. This is a 5km trail that starts in Bluffer’s Park and makes its way along the waterfront of Lake Ontario. There are plenty of pristine sandy beaches located at the bottom of the bluffs, providing the perfect location for enjoying a post-hike picnic in the sun. You can carry your refreshments on your hike with you, using the Red Original Waterproof Cooler Backpack

West Humber River Recreational Trail

If you’re looking for an urban hiking route that’s packed full of impressive landmarks then you need to try out the West Humber River Trail. This is a popular spot with locals who enjoy running, hiking or biking along the paved route. The pathways accumulate to just under 20km in total, however you can hike any distance you choose, whether that’s a longer all day trek or a quick walk after work. If you do decide to make a day of it, there are plenty of recreational areas to stop at along the way, as well as plenty of opportunities to spot some amazing wildlife.

Rogue Valley Vista Trail

If you’re hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Rogue Valley provides one of the most peaceful hiking trails in Toronto. The Vista trail is a woodland trail approximately 9km in distance that offers gorgeous views of the creeks and surrounding trees and shrubbery. This is a particularly beautiful location for hiking in the fall as the red, orange and yellow colours of the trees make the natural backdrop look even more incredible. Make sure to bring your camera as you’ll definitely want to capture some stunning moments.

Joker’s Hill Trail

The Joker’s Hill Trail is located in the Thornton Bales Conservation Area which is famous for its steep slopes and rugged beauty. This is one of the local’s most popular hiking trails in Toronto as it’s easily accessible from the city, however it surrounds you in luscious woodland with plenty of wildlife to spot along the way. Pileated woodpeckers and white tailed deer are just a couple of the species that you might expect to see when walking the Joker’s Hill trail which is just under 3km in distance. 

Ganaraska Trail (Devil’s Lake To Black River Road)

Ganaraska is one of Canada’s longest hiking trails and offers plenty of opportunities for technical hiking and multi-day expeditions. One of our absolute favourite routes along the Ganaraska Trail is a 30.9km hike from Devil’s Lake to Black River Road. This is a challenging route that takes an average of 8-9 hours to complete. As this is one of the more challenging hiking trails near Toronto that requires overnight camping, we’d only recommend it for more experienced hikers.

Bruce Trail

One of Canada’s oldest and longest footpaths, Bruce Trail runs along the Niagara escarpment and offers 890km of scenic path to explore, with the Toronto section being approximately 50km in length.  There are plenty of opportunities for day hikes or multi-day trips, however one of our favourite routes has to be the 7.7km route that runs from Bruce Trail to the Grotto. Although this isn’t one of the longest hiking trails in Toronto it is one of the most challenging as the rocky path contains lots of ascents and descents. Nevertheless, the outstanding views make it all worthwhile. 

Leslie Street Spit Trail

One of the many things that we love about the different hiking trails inToronto and nearby is that each route offers its own unique yet stunning views. The Leslie Street Spit Tail that’s located in Tommy Thompson Park is one of the most unique hiking trails in Toronto, offering unrivalled views of the city skyline and Lake Ontario. The  park is an old construction site that’s been converted into a natural haven, packed full of incredible bird species. The route is easy to access and is definitely one not to be missed for any wildlife enthusiasts. 

Albion Hills Trails

Albion Hills is located directly next to the city, and offers an abundance of short trails to explore that suit hikers of all abilities. The trails are lined by gorgeous woodland, wild fruit trees, as well as plenty of deer and other wildlife. There is a wide choice of  campsites within the park, making this the perfect location for a family weekend away, packed full of outdoor adventure. If you are looking for a more challenging route, then you can combine the individual trails together and do a complete loop of the park that’s approximately 12km in length.

High Park Trail

Another one of the most spectacular urban hiking trails in Toronto has to be High Park trail. High Park is made up of an array of paths that are lined by luscious forestry and  run past the gorgeous Grenadier Pond. This is the perfect location for a quick hike after work or for a relaxed stroll at the weekend. In addition to the beautiful hiking routes that are on offer, the park also provides classes about the outdoors, including sessions on natural wildlife and gardening. 

For more tips on the best places to go hiking in Toronto, as well as guidance on finding the best hiking equipment, including waterproof backpacks and performance clothing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.