Sunday 18th June 2023

Father's Day Gift Guide

We all know that Dad who is on the go, who is always keen
to get outdoors and have an adventure. Whether he's a watersports
fan, loves camping or can't get enough of a day surfing at
the beach. We've got a gift guide for those key items a dad simply
can't live with out.

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Performance T-Shirt

The Performance T-Shirt is for the Dad who is constantly on the go. Whether he's at the gym, out for a run or an evening bike ride. The Performance T Shirt is the ultimate activewear gift, it's breathable fabric and quick drying fibres allow the top to spend more time being worn and less time on the washing line drying out. The Dri-Release™ fibres protect up to 50+UPF which is ideal for those long days in the sun. The quick drying fabric allows your Dad to hop from the beach to the bar in the same shirt. The casual fit of the T-Shirt combines both fashion and functionality making it the perfect Father's Day gift!

Performance Top Layer

Warm, quick drying and incredibly comfortable to wear the long sleeve Performance Top Layer is the ultimate top layer. If you're looking for a thermal top to keep your Dad warm whilst picnicking at the beach, on the morning bike ride to work. Or simply for day-to-day living. This long sleeve Performance Top Layer has been designed for the ultimate active Dad the quick drying Dri-Release™ fabric draws moisture away from the body when active which keeps the body warm during those changes in the weather.

The Performance Top Layer is the ultimate for any active Dad, the thumb loops make those early morning commutes a breeze keeping your hands warm. Whilst the longer back prevents any cold spots on the lower back. The fast drying fabric dries 4 times quicker than cotton meaning it will be washed and ready in no time!

Waterproof Active Jacket

Lightweight, packable and stylish. The Red Original Waterproof Active Jacket is the perfect coat for those dads who love being active outdoors no matter what the weather may be. With 4-way stretch to move with you when out on the water, hills or trails means you can perform at your best while looking stylish at the same time.

The ability to pack down into its own pocket allows this to be transported easily and stored until it's needed. Help your dad stay active this Father's Day with the Waterproof Active Jacket!



Waterproof Soft Cooler Bag

Available in 18L and 30L

We all know a Dad who loves a snack when on the go. If anything, getting outdoors is just another excuse to indulge in a mega picnic. If your Dad is the king of sandwiches or he's the first one to grab a cold one. The Waterproof Soft Cooler Bag is the answer to every outdoor Dad. This fully waterproof go anywhere cool bag will look after your sarnies like no other. The protector of all snacks, the chiller of your drinks and the saviour when it comes to lunching at any location at any time!

The YKK aqua seal zip ensures no dirt, sand hot air or water can get inside keeping your meals and drinks fresh. The thermal lock insulation ensures your snacks maintain their temperature. The outer shell is protected with an armour tech fabric which can withstand even the clumsiest and heavy handed Dads. The exterior of the cool bag is built up with additional features, such as the wave webbing for attaching items a padded carry strap and external pockets.

Ensure your Dad has enough food for you the family and your buddies for a day at the beach. So if like us you feel your lunch is an asset worth protecting the Waterproof Soft Cooler Bag is well worth a look this Father's Day!

Waterproof Dry Pouch

'Dad's lost his car keys again!' is perhaps something you're used to hearing especially when he's out and about doing adventuring Dad things. The Waterproof Dry Pouch is our answer to keeping your valuables safe. No longer will you have wait for your Dad to rummage around in the bottom of vast dry bags for his mobile phone, wallet or car keys.

This portable pouch is designed to be large enough for your items yet perfectly portable for your Dad to attach to his paddle board, bike handle bars or back pack. The modular system has been fashioned to allow the Dry Pouch to integrate onto the Soft Cooler Bag and Deck Bag.

Your Dad's valuables will be fully protected from all the elements the YKK AQUASEAL® zip ensures no water, dirt or dust leaks in. Whilst the armour tech outer shell protects from the drops knocks and general abrasions.

Waterproof Deck Bag

If your Dad is all about the SUP then the Waterproof Deck Bag is the ultimate accessory. This pioneering 100% waterproof deck bag is the ultimate bag for keeping your items dry whilst paddle boarding. The 22 litre bag is sealed with a YKK AQUASEAL® zip protecting your items from the elements. Whilst the armour tech fabric protects the exterior from knocks and drops.

The clip and go LTS (luggage tensioning system) allows Dad to quickly clip the bag onto his board and away he goes! The outer pockets have been added paddlers can store paddle caps, sun cream and drinks bottles. Allowing paddlers to access every part of the deck bag whilst it's attached to the board. The Waterproof Deck Bag is the ultimate bag for storing clothing, cameras or just general paddleboarding essentials.