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5 Of 2023's Best Apps For Paddle Boarding

Posted by Luke Green

Have you ever wished for a convenient place to see the perfect SUP spots near you? Or somewhere to see detailed information about wind or water conditions? Well you’ll be glad to know there’s a whole host of amazing apps available for paddlers to make SUP safer and all the more enjoyable. Our list of the top 5 best apps for paddle boarding features the most important apps that you should have available on your phone at any time - so let’s jump in and take a look!

Paddle Logger

As one of the most popular apps for paddle boarding out there, it should come as no surprise that Paddle Logger makes it onto the list. Allowing you to create an in-depth log of your SUP trip, including the ability to add notes, maps and photos to make your log not just a practical recording but a personalised memory. As of right now, Paddle Logger isn’t available on android phones, but you iOS users out there will find Paddle Boarder one of the best apps for paddle boarding at your disposal.


Alright, but what about a wind app for paddle boarding? Well that’s where Windy has you covered. Windy is a fantastic app that not only shows you the wind direction, but the waves, currents, visibility and temperature as well. If you’re looking for detailed information about wind conditions to plan out the best possible SUP trip, then it’s worthy remembering that Windy is a fantastic wind app for paddle boarding, and is definitely worth installing on your phone for either iOS or android.

Go Paddling

Featuring over 25,000 destinations, Go Paddling is one of the best apps for paddle boarding if you’re in need of tracking down new and exciting locations for your SUP trips. Paddlers can leave comments on their favourite SUP destinations, meaning that you can get a feel for the absolute best spots from other paddlers’ experiences. It also has GPS coordinates and compatibility with Apple/Google Maps, you’ll always be able to find your spot, no matter how out of the way it is. 

Paddle Monster

One of the best apps for paddle boarding beginners and veterans alike, Paddle Monster is an amazing app for getting online SUP coaching from some of the biggest names in watersports. Olympian Larry Cain, SUP champion Travis Grant and world-ranked SUP racer Seychelle are just some of the names you’ll see instructing paddlers on Paddle Monster. It’s also a fantastic way to network with other paddlers and build tight-knit SUP communities across the globe.


With river levels always in flux and posing potential dangers to paddlers, staying informed with real time water-level forecasts is strongly advised. That’s where RiverApp steps in. RiverApp is available on iOS or android and monitors over 20,000 sites in Europe and North America. RiverApp is well worth downloading and keeping on your phone for notifications about dangerous water levels and to check for ideal conditions before you even set foot outside. It’s absolutely well worth having.