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Our Top 10 Outdoor Instagrammers To Follow In 2020

Posted by Ross Montandon

We all need a little bit of inspiration now and then, those mid-week daydreaming moments whilst we go about our day-to-day need topping up with ideas, locations and things to try. With so many platforms available for finding our next adventure, we’re turning to social media, specifically Instagram, to find more places that motivate us during our hectic week as we hit the commute and daily grind! 

With the likes of geotagging and google maps, these locations are becoming more and more accessible. We’re going to share with you some of the top outdoor Instagrammers to give a follow in 2020!

Rory Southworth

You may have come across Rory on your travels amongst hashtags and Instagram stories. This lean, fit adventure machine has found passion in sourcing out some of the purest forms of adventure here in the UK. From fell-running in the lake district to wild swimming in the darkest depths of winter. Rory’s light-hearted page shows his journey up and down hills and in and out of lakes. Rory celebrates being outdoors in the purest form and we’re a big fan of that. In a congested World of ugly selfie sticks and false filters which seem to be clogging up our adventurous back garden these days. Rory brings an organic love for this island in which he calls home. Which is as refreshing as one of his mad dips in a Lake District Tarn!


This community-spirited channel has been growing with popularity over the last few years. Sharing content from all over the UK from enthusiasts who simply love paddle boarding. The @Standuppaddleuk page isn’t just a place for sharing great user-generated content, however, as it is now used for meet-ups, river clean-ups and coordinating paddling charity events. Pretty cool if you ask us!

If you’re new to paddle boarding or perhaps looking for UK based inspiration, then you will find a new paddle boarding family here.


If you love adorable photos of a Cockapoo out on adventures, then Reggie is well worth a follow. This guy loves to be out and about with his owner Suzanne. He’s a busy chap who spends a lot of his time paddle boarding, dog walking and generally doggy stuff. Reggie also has his own blog full of useful tips and reviews to keep you busy.


If you need a bit of WOW! in your feed then Travis a professional adventure photographer needs a double-tap. He lives on the road and shares some spectacular photos of life on the road, surfing and venturing across the many national parks in the states. It does go with a word of warning as following his page will make you want to quit your job, buy a drone and travel across America. But is that really such a bad thing? 


Adventurebambam is home to Jenny Hopkins a general outdoors travelling fan who shares her stunning images with her partner in crime Jamie James. Who is also certainly worth a follow, if you need a little escapism in your feed during the mid-week grind then give this pair a follow as they ski, hike camp around the globe. 


Bumblebambi or Bee's 97,000 followers can expect a host of adventure-filled images from her adventures in and around Scotland. A keen wild swimmer, walker and outdoors gal and Ironman finisher. Her honest and inspiring account gives us a great insight into the beauty of Scotland. If you're planning on heading to the highlands this summer then Bee is well worth a follow for some inspiration.


Our good friend Manu has been a firm favourite here at Red Original for a number of years. Manu and his dog Cassie are off exploring the surrounding lakes, and ski runs in Germany. Manu's shots bring together lakes, mountains and adventure all in a bundle that makes you want to load up your car and get lost in the mountains. You will quite often find Manu and Cassie paddling boarding in the snow one day and then surfing the river waves in Munich the next. 


If down to earth mountain biking is your thing then Joanna provides has it in bucket loads. This Peak District biker shares with you some of the best adventures to be found right here in the UK. When not on her two wheels she's sharing her local wild swimming spots or road tripping to some of the best mountain biking spots in the UK. 


A glance at Paul Sampson's Instagram feed would certainly make you think he is living the best life. His feed is pretty much a great advert to visit Cornwall, blue waters small coves and fishing villages are all a feature. Paul's shares his mid-week adventures with his fans as a place to unwind and relax from his job as a GP. A great example of work-life balance! 

Think We've missed one? 

If you've got a favourite Instagrammer that you think's worth a like or you've got some photos you'd like to share your adventures, remember to tag us at @redoriginalaccessories.