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What Makes The Pro Change EVO The Best Triathlon Changing Robe?

Posted by Luke Green

A high quality waterproof changing robe is an essential piece of kit for any triathlete. It’s important to find a triathlon changing robe that keeps you warm before and after events, whilst making changing hassle free, both at competitions and during training.

An evolution of our bestselling waterproof changing robe, the Red Original Pro Change Robe EVO makes the best triathlon changing robe, but don’t just take our word for it. These are just a few of the main properties that make it a high performance triathlon changing robe:

Stay Warm & Dry

When you’re waiting around before and after events, or trying to warm up after training, it’s important to have a waterproof changing robe that you can throw on easily, that will keep you warm and dry. The Pro Change Robe EVO is are made using a super soft moisture wicking fleece lining that keeps you cosy, whilst removing moisture from the skin. This is perfect for keeping you comfortable when you’re trying to warm up after a cold water swim. A breathable, 100% waterproof outer shell (as tested by Grangers) also keeps rain out, whilst preventing you from overheating.

Change Quickly & Easily

Another reason this high performance piece of kit makes the perfect triathlon changing robe is because it offers plenty of spacious changing room for changing out of kit after training or at the end of an event. Stretching side panels allow you to change with ease and convenience. Additionally, the Pro Change Robe EVO is longer in length than the previous model, offering increased concealment and protection from the elements.

Train & Compete In Any Season

Any triathlete will know that training is a year long round commitment, and so a triathlon changing robe should cater for this. The great thing about the EVO long sleeve changing robe is that it is perfect for all seasons. A new and improved toggled hood construction with wind baffle keeps you protected from the winter wind and rain, whilst a 2 way chunky YKK zip makes it easy to get in and out of the waterproof changing robe with cold hands. You can quickly warm your hands up using the super soft hand warmer pockets. During the warmer months, the lightweight, breathable lining and outer shell allow you to dry off quickly without overheating. The long sleeves are also easily adjustable to suit different seasons.

Keep Valuables With You

Another reason this waterproof changing robe makes such a practical triathlon changing robe is due to the multiple storage pockets it provides. It also benefits from a waterproof outer chest pocket, internal zippered mesh pocket and internal underwear pocket. This allows you to keep essential valuables such as your phone and keys on your person, without them getting wet. This is helpful for when you’re looking for somewhere to keep valuables close by at events and in between training sessions.

Transport Without Hassle

It’s important that a triathlon changing robe is lightweight and easy to pack down so that you can transport it to different training locations and events. The Pro Change Robe EVO is made using a lightweight breathable shell and packs down easily into one of our 10L dry bags. This makes it hassle free to sling over your shoulder and carry with you, alongside all of your other gear.