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We go beyond Paddleboard Reviews, We do our Board Vs.

Posted by Jess Davies

Board Vs. ?

People often question the strength and durability of inflatable boards and are often concerned as soon as they hear the word 'inflatable'...There are an awful lot of inflatable SUP boards on the market and admittedly, it can often be confusing on what board to buy.

Thanks to extensive research and development from the Red Paddle Co team, we have been able to produce some of the best quality inflatable boards made with high technical-precision. We sought to put this 'inflatable worry' aside and prove to all of you SUP fans just how strong and durable our boards really are!

Ultimate Inflatable SUP Challenges

We have decided to go above and beyond our normal lab testing, pushing the boundaries of what you'd ever expect on just your average SUP expedition. Prepare to be wowed, with I'm sure a few LOLS along the way!...

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be taking one 10'6" Ride and putting it under the ultimate test. 10 challenging experiments, including extreme height, weight and pressure, that will test and hopefully prove, the strength and durability of our inflatable paddleboards.

Despite having specially-designed rail construction, glued at a whopping 120psi, to layers upon layers of material welded together, with 10 times more internal thread than just the average industry standard, who knows if our 10'6" Ride will survive!

The same board will be used for each individual challenge and tested to its absolute limit. Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

Ultimate Paddleboard Test goes Social...

You're in for an absolute treat, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel for all of the latest updates. If you thought Top Gear had some epic challenges, think again! ;)

TEST 1: Board vs Dogs

TEST 2: Board vs MotoX

TEST 3: Board Vs Rugby

Test 4: Board Vs Ninjas

Test 5: Board Vs Land Rover

Test 6: Board Vs Paintball

Test 7: Board Vs The Claw

Test 8: Board Vs Tractor

Test 9: Board Vs Crane

Test 10: Board Vs Digger