Maintaining your kit for Summer

For those that have been hibernating over the winter, spring marks the point where we start to dust off our kit and get ready for a summer packed full of adventures. We've put together a range of videos together to talk you through how to check and maintain your kit before venturing back out. 

Ensuring you kit is in tip top condition will not only keep it box fresh for longer increasing the lifespan, but also means you stay safe on the water allowing you to enjoy the experince and focus on performance. 

We've put together a range of videos to cover off how to maintain our most popular products: 

  • Preparing Your Paddleboard
  • Paddle Maintenance
  • Bag Maintenance
  • Red Original Bag Maintenance 
  • Reproofing Performance Clothing With Grangers

You can scroll to the video that is relevant to you below, or just grab a cup of tea, sit back and watch them all in one go! 

Got a Question

Got a Question

We like paddling the best but coming in a close second, we like hearing from you. If you have any questions on the best way to maintain your kit or anything else for that matter, then feel free to contact one of our customer service team.

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