Paddle boarding Lake Annecy, South France


Snow covered mountains and clear calm waters - Paddleboarding Lake Annecy is a perfect SUP spot for all abilities.

Lake Annecy, is fed by springs found in the dramatic mountainous backdrop that make paddling this lake, so incredible. Celebrated as ‘Europe’s cleanest Lake’ and with the French Alps rising high above the water, it is easy to appreciate why this is a go-to spot to stand up paddle board in South France.

The lake is perfect for short SUP tours as (at its widest) it is only 3.2km wide so you can easily hop on your board and comfortably paddle across the calm, clear waters to the other side. There are plenty of easy access points to launch from and if you are looking for a longer day tour, you can complete the entire length of the lake (approx. 14.6Km) by stopping off at some of the beautiful bays dotted along the shore.

No matter what kind of tour you are looking for, Lake Annecy is a beautiful place to explore on your paddle board.

Lake Annecy is also the host location for the 2019 Dragon World Championships.


Lake Annecy is an ideal location if you are looking to improve your paddling techniques or want to push yourself and try a longer distance paddle for the first time. 

The calm waters and easy to reach shoreline mean you can take your time and enjoy the scenery. We suggest you remain close to the shore of the lake, this way you can soak up the glorious surroundings and wave at the friendly campers and cyclists as you go. And, if you do get a bit tired, simply attach yourself to one of the many buoys dotted around the lake, take a break or have a bite to eat. 

If you have the time, it is worth paddling down to Chateau Ruphy, in Duingt. The castle is closed to the public so paddling here is a great way to view the historical grounds and capture the striking castle from your paddle board. It also offers a good spot for swimming if you fancy hoping in the water to cool off.

Local Knowledge

  • Sat Nav

    45.857634211288044, 6.187534908099792

  • Launch Point

    Camping Le lac

  • Places to Stay

    Camping Le lac: A small friendly campsite with direct access to the lake. Close to walks in the mountain, supermarkets and cycle path. Fresh baguettes and fruit available in the morning.Open to tents and campervans with hot water and clean facilities. Hotel du Lac: For those looking for a roof over your heads the simple Hotel du Lac has lake and mountain views, Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool.

  • Places to Eat / Drink

    If staying in the local area stop by Tweedle Tea (439 Rue Saint-Bernard, 74290 Menthon-Saint-Bernard, France) and Butchery Long Xavier (465 Rue Saint-Bernard, 74290 Menthon-Saint-Bernard, France) to load up on fresh pastries and European meats and pack for a picnic on board your SUP.

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