Paddleboarding Queensland, Boodjamulla National Park


Home to many beautiful waterways, the choices of paddle boarding in Queensland are endless!

One of our favourites has to be Boodjamulla National Park, a true hidden gem. Located on the QLD and NT boarder it is a remote haven. Surrounded by sandstone cliffs, rocky plateaus and fringing rainforest, you will be in awe as you paddle the emerald green-waters. It is the perfect location for a week-long escape of SUP-ing, hiking, relaxing, or even visiting the 25 million year old Riversleigh World Heritage Area nearby which has the richest fossil mammal sites in the world.

While it boasts incredible hikes and vantage points for sunset and sunrise, it also has the perfect place to take your ISUP out and explore. The red walls will tower over you as you paddle through the valley, watching for hawks gliding overhead and curious fish underneath. If you're lucky you may even spot freshwater crocs basking in the sun.


This paddle allows you to really take in the true magnificence of the gorge however it can be busy during the peak season (April to October) so be ready to share the water with kayakers, canoers or even those swimming along in inflatable tubes!


The region’s rivers flow year round making it an oasis for migratory wildlife and a bird watcher’s paradise. Listen out for the raucous call of the channel-billed cuckoos, watch the antics of the purple-crowned fairy-wrens, look for bowerbirds collecting shiny objects to make their attractive bowers, or listen for barking owls at night.

The rocky escarpments are also home to a range of reptiles including the olive python, ring-tailed dragon, wallaroos, fish turtles, fresh water crocs or the rare gulf snapping turtle.

Local Knowledge

  • Sat Nav

    -18.700789055330414, 138.48565236839264

  • Nearest Parking

    Park near the Lawn Hill Camp grounds. Please note, roads in this area are mostly unsealed and not suitable for 2WDs and caravans; the only route suitable for 2WDs and off-road caravans is via Gregory Downs, although we recommend 4WDs.

  • Launch Point

    Start by launching your SUP at the beautiful shaded picnic area where canoes are hired out and nearby the Lawn Hill Camp grounds.

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