Paddleboarding in Soca Valley, Most na Soci


The beautiful Soča river, which flows at the foot of the Julian Alps, by the Italian border has carved an exhilarating valley and has some of the most gorgeous waters in Europe.

The region covers 942 km2 and is divided into three municipalities: Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin. Part of the area is inside the Triglav National Park. It has also seen much history, most famously the WWI Soča Front, which is presented with rare tact in the Kobarid Museum. The memory of the battles also lives on in the outdoor museums – six are dotted along the 100 km long Walk of Peace.

The picturesque nature of the valley makes it a paradise for water sports on the river Soča (rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hydro-speed, canyoning, etc.), para-gliders, fly-fishers, rock climbers, hikers and mountain bikers. The Soča valley also has the Juliana alpine botanical garden and is attractive for naturalists and botanists. Marked trails lead to numerous natural landmarks, like the gorges of the Soča and Tolminka, and the Kozjak waterfall.

The old traditions still live in the family restaurants and taverns, where you can try the food of our forebears, like the »Kobarški štruklji«, »Bovški krafi«, home-made polenta, alpine cheese and cottage cheese, prepared in a modern way. A special experience is discovering and tasting the living ethnological heritage of the Tolminc cheese, which has been made in the traditional way on the local alpine pastures for centuries.


The Soča River is the most stunning sup location in Slovenia!

You will glide under the famous bridge and experience a true paddle-boarding paradise! Bridges, canyon, cliffs and rocks are creating a very interesting playground and the best sup location in Slovenia.

It's not only about paddling. Crystal clean Soča and Idrijca river will make you wanna jump in and refresh yourself and even try some ballance challenges and yoga poses on the board!

After the tour you can drive through the valley, take a short hike to the gorgeous Kozjek waterfall, make quick stop at the Korita Gorge and marvell at the rock formation “Ajdovska deklica” or the Heathen Maiden before on top of VršičMountain Pass.

Route Directions

  1. Most na Soči > Bar Morena > Entry point and Exit point.
  2. Upstream to Soca river to Tolmin

Local Knowledge

Things to Know

  • Sometimes the current is strong after the rain

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