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Paddle Boarding Profiles: Meet the Ride Tribe

Posted by Maxine Smiles -Cooke

This week we’ve taken a closer look at our wonderful Ride range and found out exactly why these boards are so well loved by our Red Paddle community.

To further understand the benefits of these all-rounder boards we caught up with a few friendly paddlers who took the time to tell us all about their favourite places to paddle and why they can’t get enough of their Ride paddle boards.

Man stands with his paddle board

Board Type: 10’6” Ride
Age Bracket: 56-65 yrs
Approx Weight: 170 lb
Height: 5′ 8″
Job Title: Retired

Where do you go paddle boarding on a regular basis?

Home, Saskatoon in Canada, where I’ve been paddling regularly on the South Saskatchewan River. I am also excited to take my 10’6” Ride to the Bay of Banduras, Mexico, this winter which is our annual winter holiday.

Was there a specific reason you took up SUP?

I was initially looking to buy an inflatable Kayak to take to Mexico…but once I tried SUP I was hooked!

How has paddle boarding improved your life?

Paddle boarding is such an easy sport to integrate into your exercise routine! I already did cycling and walking so paddle boarding fits in there perfectly….and it’s a great ab workout.

Why did you choose Red Paddle Co?

After extensive research, I decided to take a Red Paddle Co SUP for a test ride in my local area. I was impressed by not only its manoeuvrability and stability on the water but also, its quality and craftsmanship. Having the ability to pack it up and take it to Mexico was also a very appealing asset.

Women on a 10'8

Board Type: 10’8” Ride
Age Bracket: 26-35 yrs
Approx Weight: 90 kg
Height: 5′ 6″
Job Title: Accounts Payable

Where do you go paddle boarding on a regular basis?

I regularly go to the local beaches in Howick, Auckland NZ. My favourite spot is a couple of lakes in and near Mangakino in the Waikato region of NZ. I love being the only people on the water and can’t wait for the weather to get better so we can get lost on more lakes!

How has paddle boarding improved your life?

Powerlifting is my jam and I love spending time in the gym…but paddle boarding encourages me to get outside more! I can now see different parts of the country in different perspectives. I have seen waterfalls I would never have known existed if I wasn’t on my board.

Why did you choose Red Paddle Co?

After dragging my husband along to try SUP (he ended up having such a good time), we decided to buy Red Paddle Co boards as we loved the idea of being able to throw a board in the boot of the car and explore. We just pull up, inflate and we’re off!

Why did you choose this board?

I’m a beginner so wanted something I could just cruise around on, exploring different lakes and spots across NZ. And it’s the best inflatable board on the market!

Family with their inflatable Paddle Board

Board Type:
10’6” Ride
Age Bracket: 36-45 yrs
Approx Weight: 90 kg
Height: 5′ 4″
Job Title: Orthopaedic Medical Devices Sales Manager

Where do you go paddle boarding on a regular basis?

We usually take our board to Redesmere Sailing Club in Cheshire, which is where the kids have sailing lessons. It’s only 20 minutes away so perfect for when we need a paddle board fix! Our board has also been on many summer holidays too. It’s travelled to Robin Hood’s Bay (where we paddled with seals), Norfolk, East Sussex, Abersoch, Anglesey and it’s about to come to Costa Brava!

Was there a specific reason you took up SUP

As a very busy mum of three it’s hard to find time and hobbies for yourself. SUP means I can seize the opportunity to escape from the stresses of daily life but also it’s perfect for the whole family. My quiet paddles usually turn into a pile on where the kids have an impromptu somersault competition…but I’m glad paddle boarding is something we all love. And, I kind of hoped by doing SUP the kids would think I was cool again!

Why did you choose Red Paddle Co?

After being out of work for 10 years, when I started receiving a salary again I was keen to spend it on a Red Paddle Co board. Red was recommended by some friends who are keen windsurfers and SUPers themselves and now I truly love my Red 10’6” Ride! In fact, as I type it is all locked and labelled to travel its very first flight overseas. I am so concerned that I’ve been phoning our house insurers all morning to make sure it will be fully insured!

Why did you choose this board?

The 10’6” Ride is perfect for the whole family. I have children ages 7, 10 and 12 who all use the board, as well as me and my husband. The kids love it so much that my husband and I take it in turns to have early paddle sessions so we don’t have to share!

Lady stands with her paddle board

Board Type: 10’6” Ride
Age Bracket: 46-55 yrs
Approx Weight: 125lb
Height: 5′ 2″
Job Title: Professional Hospital Fundraiser

What kind of water conditions do you normally paddle in with your Ride Board?

Me and my partner are beginners so we usually paddle on flat water. I have also used my 10’6” Ride for surfing at Burlington Beach. It’s a great core workout...I couldn’t move for days afterwards!

How has paddle boarding changed/improved your life?

I’m not really one for exercise but paddle boarding is so fun and it has physical benefits too. With the added enjoyment of being on the water, I feel like I’ve been on a mini vacation.

Who would be your dream paddle companion?

Amy Schumer.

Women on beach with paddle board

Board Type: 10’6” Ride
Age Bracket: 46-55 yrs
Approx Weight: 55 kg
Height: 155cm
Job Title: National Account Manager

Where do you go paddle boarding on a regular basis?

I go to the Llyn Peninsula as we have recently bought a caravan just near Nefyn so I go most weekends. As the area is new we are still exploring. Abersoch Main Beach is a favourite as is Llanbedrog and Morfa Nefyn beach - lots of quirky little beach huts on this one.

Was there a specific reason you took up SUP?

I first saw Paddle boards when I went to Palma and thought I want one of those. When we got the caravan, it was on my list of activities to try. Being at the seaside every weekend it was the perfect choice.

How has paddle boarding changed / improved your life?

It has opened opportunities to explore places where we would have not ventured too. I am a keen runner however this has a negative impact on my joints so paddle boarding offered no impact on my joints, whilst exercising my core. It is great for my fitness and well-being.

Why did you chose Red Paddle Co?

We went to a local store where we were advised to buy Red Paddle Co. We ordered one at Easter time. I love the dry bag for my phone, I love how it all fits perfectly in the carry bag and it’s a new hobby for me which keeps me fit, looks good and is totally fantastic. Red is the best!!!!