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6 Of The Best Places To SUP In Vancouver

Posted by Luke Green

Vancouver is a city that has so much to offer you, whether you be a tourist or a local, and if you think that does not include great places to paddle board then you are mistaken. Vancouver is home to some amazing beaches and with amazing beaches comes perfect places to stand-up paddle board, so here is a list of some of the best places to SUP in Vancouver.

Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach, Vancouver

Located north of West Point Grey, Jericho Beach has one of the vastest bodies of water on offer in Vancouver as the beach is on the southern side of the Burrard Inlet. Offering you a great view of West Vancouver and Stanley Park, Jericho beach is a definite must-stop destination on your SUP tour around the city.

Deep Cove

Deep Cove, Vancouver with kayaks on the shore

To the other side of the city, Deep Cove is one of the more scenic spots for you to SUP. With Cove Forest and Belcarra National Park surrounding you there is no limit to what beautiful and untouched wildlife you may see during your time on the water, so for a calming SUP session among Canada’s glorious woodlands hit up Deep Cove.

Bowen Island

Aerial view of Bowen Island, Vancouver

Travelling a little bit out of the city center, Bowen Island can be found west of Horseshoe Bay. With multiple beaches, Tunstall Bay and Bowen Bay being the highlights, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to Bowen Island, and being on the outskirts of Metro Vancouver means that you can go out and really soak in the natural beauty Canada has to offer.

Lighthouse Park

Point Atkinson Lighthouse, Lighthouse Park, Vancouver

Between Bowen Island and the main city there is Lighthouse Park, a stunning outlet just off of BC Highway 99 that offers you a great place to SUP. Under the majesty of Point Atkinson Lighthouse, you can see two of the other great spots already mentioned on this list, so come here if you want to appreciate both the natural and man-made views on offer.

White Rock

White Rock, Vancouver

The most southern location on this list, White Rock is another great spot for those trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From the waters of Boundary Bay, you can see the top of the United States and parts of Vancouver Island, while also taking in the rural sites of southern Vancouver, so head over to White Rock if you want a more relaxed afternoon.

False Creek

False Creek, Vancouver

If you are looking for something in the heart of Vancouver then False Creek is the place for you. Located between Fairview and Yaletown, this inlet is surrounded by some of Vancouver’s most impressive skyscrapers and is still an active channel for boats and ships, so it is advised for newcomers to SUP to have a lesson or two before you go out on the water, but once those are out of the way you will be in awe of the Vancouver metropolitan area.

These are only a few of our favorite places to paddle in Vancouver though it has many more to offer. So pick your board, grab a paddle and enjoy the sights and sounds of Vancouver! If you come across a SUP spot that we haven’t mentioned here or got listed on our Places To Paddle in Canada page, let us know and we’ll see about getting it added.