Unbeatable Protection, Unparalleled Warmth

Our NEW Kids Change Robe Collection

We’ve upped the ante with this season’s next-level kids change robes - the ultimate piece of
outdoor apparel that has every angle covered from everyday wear to epic adventures.

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Tackling The Outdoors Head On

Designed For Every Aspect

Gentle on the skin but tough on the outside elements, our multi-use kids change
robes are great for when they’re wriggling out of a wetsuit or worn as a robust school coat.

Available in three new colourways including eye-catching red, beautiful
marine blue and super smart navy, the two type robes keep kids firmly in mind.

Because they don’t stay little for long, our waterproof kids change
robes feature adjustable cuffs that have been designed to grow with them.

And since we are all striving to create a better world for future generations, our pioneering
robes boast plenty of eco creds too with the inner and outer layers being 100% recycled.

Built For Epic Adventures & The Everyday

Our Kids Dry Pro Robe

Providing unparalleled protection against the elements, our Kids Dry Pro Robe has been
expertly designed to suit all scenarios from rainy bus stop waits to pitch-time playoffs.

Available in 4-9 years & 8-13 years
Colours – Navy, Red, Marine

Kids Dry Pro Robe - Red

Our warm, waterproof and wind-shielding Kids Pro Robe is the ultimate outdoor companion.

For kids with an adventurous streak, our Kids Pro Robe in Red is this season’s must-have piece of outdoors apparel pairing style with all-weather protection.

Kids Dry Pro Robe - Navy

The go-to garment for youngsters who love life outdoors.

Our multi-use Kids Pro Robe in Navy has been expertly engineered to take on whatever weather and adventure you throw at it.

Kids Dry Pro Robe - Marine

Gentle on the skin but tough on tackling the outdoor elements.

Our Kids Pro Robe in Marine provides unbeatable protection and warmth, perfect for stopping them from getting soaked to the bone on the school run or keeping those post-sport chills at bay.

Waterproof, Warm, Windproof Protection

Our Kids Dry Poncho

Our first-ever over-the-head Kids Dry Poncho provides a fuss-free changing solution
for little explorers who love being outside whatever the weather.

Available in 4-9 years 
Colours – Navy, Red, Marine

Kids Dry Poncho - Marine

The ultimate Dry Poncho for protecting little explorers against the elements.

Our Kids Dry Poncho in Marine pairs fuss-free changing with all the protection you need to withstand any weather front.

Kids Dry Poncho - Navy

Wrap your little adventurer in the ultimate waterproof, warm and windproof poncho.

Our Kids Dry Poncho in nautical Navy is the ultimate piece of outdoor apparel, shielding children from the elements so they can explore the big wide world without limits.

Kids Dry Poncho - Red

Shielding your little one against the elements, whatever adventures they get up to.

Our Kids Dry Poncho in attention-grabbing Red allows your little explorer to stay outside longer doing what they love.

Kids Dry Pro Robe

Kids Dry Poncho