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6 Unexpected Benefits Of Walking In The Rain

Posted by Alex Clasper

We can’t run from the fact that we’re fast approaching the rainy season. Autumn quickly rolls into winter, and with it come darker clouds, wetter conditions, and a general excuse to stay indoors. While there’s nothing wrong with getting cosy and enjoying outdoor activities, there’s a unique charm to be found in embracing whatever the elements throw at you and walking in the rain. In fact, beyond the initial hesitation of getting a bit wet, rainy walks can bring about a huge range of unexpected benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. Let’s dive into the benefits of walking in the rain as we encourage you to continue exploring the great outdoors no matter what the conditions are like. 

It’s Good For Your Physical Health

Regardless of the weather conditions, the obvious benefit of walking is the positive impact on your physical health. Even at a leisurely pace, walking burns a surprisingly high amount of calories and counts towards the recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity for every adult each week. 

The rain can also act as a motivator to walk and move faster. Scientists have actually looked into this and concluded that exercising in the rain burns more calories than in dry weather, proving that there are significant physical health benefits to be unlocked from walking in the rain. Obviously, getting soaked will be pretty unpleasant, but as long as you’re wearing a moisture-wicking waterproof jacket like the Red Original Active Jacket, you’re good to go. Available for men and women, the breathable but 5k-rated waterproof fabric will keep you dry as you take strides to improve your physical fitness in wet conditions. 

The Air Is Cleaner

Another surprising health benefit of walking in the rain is that the air is actually much cleaner during or after a downpour. When it rains, the water washes away impurities and pollutants that might be hanging about in the air. The air that is left behind contains much less dust and allergens than the air during dry spells, so breathing this in by walking in the rain can have a hugely positive impact on your respiratory health.

Rain Is Calming

There’s a reason why so many people proudly claim that they need to hear the sound of rain to get to sleep at night: the steady sound of raindrops hitting the ground and surroundings is a natural stress reliever. Getting out in the open and walking in the rain allows you to immerse yourself in this sound and embrace a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You’ll Feel A Sense Of Achievement

When it comes to walking in the rain, it’s best to think of it in a similar way to when you have to drag yourself out of your warm and cosy bed to seize the day in winter. Doing so might feel incredibly unappealing at first, but you almost always feel better for getting up and getting on and doing something with your day. Walking in the rain is just the same and when you return home after a plod between the puddles you will almost definitely feel a sense of achievement that is bound to make you feel happier and more productive than if you had just lounged about indoors. 

Quieter Surroundings

The very fact that we are trying to persuade you to try walking in the rain points to the fact that most people tend not to explore in all weathers. While this might make it a little harder to persuade your friends to don their waterproof jackets and head out with you, it does mean that walking in the rain provides the opportunity to explore trails and locations at their quietest. Whether you want to get a different perspective on your favourite walking route or head somewhere that simply doesn’t appeal during peak time, walking in the rain is the perfect way to achieve this. 

Connect With Nature In A Different Way

If you’ve got a bit of extra time, it can be even more rewarding to pause for a second and just take all of the sounds and views around you in. You’ll start to notice things you might never have seen before and feel closer to nature than you might when you walk simply to get from a to b. Staying out in the rain does carry the risk of your belongings getting wet, so make sure you’ve got your Red Original Waterproof Backpack neatly packed to keep your focus away from worry and back on the nature around you.