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A Week Of Adventure - Running

Posted by Alex Clasper

A Weekend Run

I have come to the conclusion with running that whilst it is in theory a simple sport to participate in. You can either do it or you sort of gallop I fall into the latter camp and have done for some time. The simplicity of running is always a great attraction an easy way to explore uncharted territory. I have on more than one occasion found myself clambering over a fence or dry-stone wall in order to get back on track. But hey! It’s the taking part that counts.

Thus, here I was in a lonely car park up on Dartmoor just outside the small Hamlet of Poundsgate. The beauty with running is that you can do it anywhere. The best thing and the hardest is to simply just start. I thought it might be nice to be up high and enjoy the Autumn colours. Even on a grey day Dartmoor has a way of providing some sweeping views exposing its dramatic landscape. It certainly had a touch of wild bleakness on Saturday folly as I laced my trainers and opted for the Long Sleeve Performance top it rarely leaves my car these days. It is a go to for me and hits the spot for running, being a pretty big frame finding tops that hold their shape whilst being active can be tricky. The performance top allows me to move comfortably whilst adding a layer of warmth for those cooler days. The longer back keeps the lower back warm. The thumb loops are a must for any active top a simple function for keeping your hands warm whilst on the move.

I had no route in mind I was off following the trails through the gauze and out into the wilds. With no real direction in mind I could understand how people get lost on the moors. Hapless walkers and joggers go off for a quick jaunt. Before you know it they’re being airlifted off the moorland wrapped up in a space blanket. I could imagine the headlines ‘Man in shorts loses his own car whilst out running.’  It could easily be me.

I was settling into the run now it takes a while to find a pace, but it always settles itself at steady. The body soon warms up with the panting of your own breath becoming louder and louder. I made a slow muddy climb up to a clearing to find a pathway which exposed a path marked as the Two Moors Way. The views opened up looking across the Dart Valley the River Dart flowing along the bottom. The steady gradient kept things interesting working hard enough to be satisfying without it becoming discomforting. The weather kept me playing the guessing game pre-empting an utter downpour. I kept moving up to Mel Tor a popular outcrop for dog walkers and photographers today however it was dreary and grey that said being out is always worthy experience.

A quick glance at my watch I had decided it was time to trundle back looping back round with a gradual descent slipping clumsily. A brief snake through some gauze and I arrived back at the car.

Staying Warm and Dry 

The weather was quickly turning for the worse with light rain. A quick shimmy under the pro-change robe was called for. The wind picked up as I bustled into the car for some coffee. I have to admit the changing robe stayed on all the way home. Perhaps not the most spectacular day out but a day out is a day out all the same.