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Christmas Gifts for Active People

Posted by Alex Clasper

Top gift ideas designed for the outdoors enthusiast

The festive season is now well and truly underway. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present then take a look at some of our affordable favourites!

Insulated Water Bottle


This water bottle isn’t to be sniffed at as it has been made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. A favourite amongst the Red Original team, this neat, stylish water bottle is always the first item to be packed on any adventure. The double insulated marine grade steel keeps your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. This bad boy will be a firm favourite this Christmas.

Tried and Tested 

To be absolutely sure that we created the best water bottle we possibly could we tested our bottle against other industry favourites. And there's no surprise which water bottle came out on top. You can read more about our testing in the water bottle test blog.


Red Original Drinks Bottle with carabiner

Quick Dry Micro Fibre Towel 


Small, lightweight and holds up to 4 times its weight in water. Unlike other travel towels this one actually fits around your waist compared to other designs which miss vital areas. The design team have spent some time developing the subtle tactile features trying to combine that soft snug feeling of a beach towel, with the portability of a travel towel. It’s important to have a towel that is both functional and comfortable to the touch. The added finale to this towel is the antibacterial fabric which means you don't have to wash your towel as often as other brands, keeping it fresher for longer.

Female with Red Original Micro Fibre Towel on beach

Board Lock 


This nifty little gadget gives you the peace of mind allowing you to lock your board up whilst you explore on foot. A simple combination carabiner allows you to secure your board in a few seconds. We’ve designed it small enough to fit in your deckbag or even jacket pocket. The cable is 3.40cm long allowing you to lock two boards together. This could be a great addition for the paddle boarder who loves to paddle to the coffee shop!

Red Original board lock

Performance Top Layer


This is the ideal gift for that one person who is always heading outdoors. If you give this top as a gift this holiday season the recipient will know you really love them. The performance layer is the go to for keeping you warm whilst being active. A favourite amongst the team due to its quick drying fabric, 4 times quicker than cotton to be exact. The dry-release fabric is designed to prevent foul odours from attaching to the fabric fibres.

The added length in back of the top helps keep the lower back warm whilst on the move. The thumb loops whilst simple are a must for any outdoor top! If this top gets unwrapped this Christmas expect ample hugs possibly for weeks after.

Man wears Long Sleeve Performance top whilst out biking

Paddle Cap


The paddle cap makes the ideal stocking filler for any stand up paddler who spends their days in the sun. The hats material is made of invisible ventilation helping you stay cool and not overheat. The small features such as the performance sweatband helps keep sweat out of your eyes and fast dry fabric after the occasional dunk.

Male wears Red Original

Gifts for all Budgets

There are so many people to keep happy this Christmas so we have a selection of gifts for him and her. Making it easier to provide a gift for all budgets. Take a look!

Gift Guide Video

If you want to learn a little bit more about our gifting range, join George and Ross as they give you a run through of some of their favourite Watersports gifts..

Christmas Gift Guide from Red Paddle Co on Vimeo.