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Early Morning Paddle Boarding in Sydney at Q Station

Posted by Lydia Burdett

We all love an early morning SUP but when it comes to city locations it’s hard to beat paddle boarding in Sydney Harbour National Park to start your day right!

Earlier in the year our Australian brand rep, Calvin Loftstrom, and the team hosted a selection of Australian media and influencers at the renowned Q Station Hotel, Manly. Held over two sessions to accommodate guests, the morning saw the likes of TV presenters LIV PHYLAND and TEIGAN NASH, as well as meditation instructor LUKE MCLEOD, join us for a sunny morning on the water.

Recognised by locals for its elegant accommodation, deep set history and occasional ghost tour, Q Station is tucked away within Sydney Harbour National Park, surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty that guests were invited to experience like never before.

The iconic travel destination is set right in the heart of Sydney and boasts a serene and peaceful setting for a spot of SUP. A tranquil location for paddle boarding in Sydney the golden sandy shores of Quarantine Beach offer guests a private and sheltered location to hit the water and trial a variety of Red Paddle boards - including the world’s most popular inflatable paddle board the Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6”

The Red team were joined by a number of local lifestyle and travel influencers including Monique Morley, Teigan Nash and Madeline Hill – who all tried their hand at a morning paddle during the early SUP session.

Our Australian Ambassador Vikki Weston also joined the two sessions sharing her tips and tricks for stand up paddle boarding and getting out on the water, as well as the benefits of each of the boards.

Vikki’s paddle route took the group out paddle boarding in Sydney Harbour from Quarantine Beach toward Store Beach, to take in the famous skyline – an idyllic way to start the day.

And to top it all off the paddlers we were welcomed back with light and nutritious breakfast served by Q Station – can you think of a better way to start the day?

A big thanks to Q Station for the collaboration and for hosting our group.

The day was captured by Photographer, Tom Robinson via drone and on foot.