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Red Paddle Co’s Essential Paddleboard Accessories For SUP Racing

Posted by Lydia Burdett

SUP racing season is upon us, and whether you’re tackling a long-distance event or a unique challenge like the Head of the Dart, having the right equipment could give you a competitive edge. As well as using the right kind of racing paddleboard, winning accessories are essential if you want to cross the finish line first or achieve a new PB. With this in mind, we’ve taken a deep dive into the range of paddleboard accessories available here at Red and pulled out the items you simply must have as you embark on your next SUP race.

SUP Buoyancy Aid

Safety equipment is essential for any SUP race. Many races will stipulate certain accessories that you must carry and use to take part in the event, such as a buoyancy aid. Our SUP Buoyancy Aid is perfect for SUP racing as it is specially designed in a flattering slimline fit that allows you to enjoy a full shoulder rotation and complete range of movement even when paddling fast as you battle towards the finish line. Despite being crafted with performance in mind, this vital paddleboard accessory still offers all of the peace of mind you need when travelling as it has a 50N buoyancy rating and reflective details for the most challenging race conditions.

Airbelt Personal Floatation Device

If race rules allow, many paddleboarders prefer to wear an airbelt personal floatation device when SUP racing. Offering the same 50N buoyancy rating as our SUP buoyancy aid, our waistbelt PFD is the perfect safety choice for any racers looking to streamline their equipment and opt for the lightest but highest-performance paddleboard accessories. This clever safety device clips around the waist and can be released instantly should an unsafe situation arise. When in use, the PFD element of this paddleboarding accessory includes a whistle and an easy-to-replace gas canister so that you can enjoy ultimate portability and total safety when SUP racing, time and time again.

Quick Release SUP Leash Waist Belt

Many of the most popular SUP races will also require you to take precautions in case of emergency in fast-moving water. This is where our quick release SUP leash waist belt comes in! This clever device attaches to your ankle leash and allows you to separate from your board instantly if you need to separate from your board via an easy-reach toggle. You don’t need to worry about safety compromising your performance with this paddleboard accessory either as it’s incredibly sleek and sits comfortably under your PFD.

Prime Lightweight SUP Paddle

With your safety equipment sorted and tailored to your preferences, make sure that you consider paddleboard accessories that could give you a competitive edge when SUP racing. One item that’s well worth investing in is a good SUP paddle! There are lots of different options available, but where racing is concerned, our Prime SUP Paddle is one of the very best. This long-lasting SUP paddle is exceptionally lightweight which boosts the efficiency of every stroke - a benefit you’ll be very glad for if racing across some distance! The carbon/glass fibre blade is also exceptionally responsive which guarantees each stroke is as powerful as it should be. With this paddleboard accessory, you’ll be dashing past your rivals when it really counts; a worthy investment even if we do say so ourselves.

Waterproof Dry Pouch

Last but certainly not least on our list of essential paddleboard accessories for SUP racing is our Waterproof Dry Pouch. The less you have to worry about when racing the better and this handy little pouch goes a long way towards ensuring you have a stress-free race as it offers completely watertight and leak-proof storage for your valuables. It can attach effortlessly to your SUP without compromising your board’s race performance and withstand a significant amount of wear and tear when you encounter inevitable drops, knocks and scrapes on the all-important race day.

With the right paddleboard accessories on your team, all that’s left for you to do is get training for your upcoming SUP race! If you need any training tips or wish to find out more about our fantastic range of paddleboard accessories, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team here at Red.