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Red’s Top 7 Fun Group Outdoor Activities For Adults

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Whether you’re surprising the stag, planning a reunion weekend with your school friends, or taking the office out for the afternoon, organising outdoor activities for adults is no easy feat. You’ll need a bit of creativity, a sense of adventure and plenty of patience, but trust us when we say the benefits of getting everyone out in the open way outweigh any stress you might be anticipating.

As lovers of all things outdoors and all things socialising, the Red team are on hand to make your group activity planning experience as seamless as possible. We’ve banded together and reflected on our own experiences to offer you the ultimate set of outdoor group activity suggestions. Read on to discover the perfect memory-making experience for your group…

Group Hike

Before you set about booking any kind of activity, think about the fitness levels of your group. If you’re all pretty active and mobile, you’ll have lots of options to choose from and many won’t even set you back a penny. Hiking is a fantastically fun outdoor activity that fits this brief and is a fulfilling way to build more of a team feeling in the workplace or the changing room. The group will naturally find themselves talking to teammates and colleagues that they wouldn’t usually interact with and being out in the open can spark creative thinking and questions that might not be shared in a more everyday setting.

Sports Day

Hosting your own sports day is the perfect way to harness the energy of a big group and encourage a healthy sense of competition. You can really tailor this fun group outdoor activity to your particular group’s makeup, whether that’s by pitting different workplace departments against each other in a good-natured fashion or dividing lifelong friends into teams with medals or trophies for the victors at the end. In terms of activities, rounders and races are always good ideas but as long as you pick a variety of sports and events the competitive spirit is sure to run wild!


To really put the teamwork skills of your group to the test, consider heading out and trying orienteering. This fun group outdoor activity is essentially the adult version of a treasure hunt (and who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?!) as it requires different teams to work together and navigate their way towards designated checkpoints. Most local areas will have courses already set up and ready to go which should make this a pretty easy activity to organise, but you could also get creative and put together your own route in your local area as long as you leave no trace afterwards!

Multi-Person Paddleboarding

Anybody who has ever been paddleboarding will be well aware that it’s an incredibly fulfilling experience. Any time spent on the water is a great time in our eyes, and when you’re on a SUP you’re able to totally switch off and have fun with those around you. With this in mind, paddleboarding is also a great way to spend time outdoors as a group and for anybody with their planning hat on we’d suggest multi-person paddleboarding in particular. Multi-person paddleboarding involves having the whole group stand on the samlarger-than-usual board. It’s an experience that can be as chaotic and hilarious as it sounds, but it’s also a fantastic way to spend a whole day together and have a laugh with colleagues or your nearest and dearest! 

Aqua Park

If fun is the key part of your group outdoor activity brief, have a quick search and find out if there is an ‘aqua park’ in your chosen or local area. An aqua park is basically a huge, ‘Total Wipeout’ style inflatable obstacle course located on water and you can trust us when we say it’s as fun as it sounds as your group will get to splash into the water off giant slides and test their strength as they cling on to avoid going into the water altogether. This group outdoor activity is particularly great for stag or hen parties wanting to send the bride or groom into married life with a splash, but any group with a sense of adventure is sure to have an unforgettable time. 

Picnic or BBQ

While most of our picks on this list are perfect for thrillseekers, not all fun group outdoor activities for adults have to be fast-paced. In fact, a simple picnic or BBQ is one of the most foolproof ways to get a big group together for some quality time. It helps to have the weather on your side for this one so we’d suggest saving this one for spring or summer, but when the time does come there are lots of different approaches you can take in terms of the organisation. Whether you get everyone to bring a dish or two in their cool bag or go all out a cook for the whole group yourself, eating outdoors together is a surefire way to help everybody switch off, recharge, and catch up with each other.

SUP Yoga

And if you want to stay in the slow lane but try something totally new, SUP yoga is the fun group outdoor activity for you. SUP yoga is an undoubtedly challenging but incredibly rewarding way of practising yoga that involves practising a range of poses on a paddleboard. It’s a great way to rest and recharge and something everybody can give a go as focusing on mindfulness is more important than whether or not you fall in. If you’re going to give SUP yoga a go as a group, we recommend finding an instructor in your area to get the full experience - and to take some of the activity planning stress away!

If you need any additional advice about planning the ultimate group outdoor activity, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Red team who can help you with ideas and any equipment you may need.