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5 Reasons Why The Red Pro Dry Change Robe Is The Best Changing Robe For Spring

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the changing robe is having its moment, and whether you’re nipping to the shops, watching the kids from the sidelines or warming up after a cold dip, having one is a ticket to a warmer, cosier and drier time outdoors. 

However, with rainfall easing and the spring and summer sun starting to tease an entrance, you might be wondering if you’ve missed the chance to switch over to the changing robe way of life this year. That’s where our very own changing robe - the Red Pro Dry Change Robe for men and women - comes in. Unlike other options out there, it’s designed to perform through all four seasons with short-sleeved options for those really craving the feel of the sun on their skin. In fact, it’s no overstatement to describe it as the best changing robe for Spring. Here’s why…

Fends Off April Showers!

While we started dreaming of long days and sunny conditions the second March arrived, the reality of Spring is that it’s pretty unpredictable with some pretty chilly conditions and April showers to look forward to. This weather can easily dampen your enthusiasm when it comes to getting out and about, but with the Red Pro Dry Change Robe, this need not be the case. Taped seams, YYK zips and an 8k/3k waterproof outer shell work together to keep you totally dry even in the heaviest or most unpredictable shower. 

Easy To Pack Away

But when the showers do stop and the temperatures pick up, the last thing you want is to be stuck wearing an unnecessary layer or lugging around something heavy when the carrying space could be better utilised. That’s why we have designed our changing robe to be the best changing robe in terms of portability. Already exceptionally lightweight, the Pro Dry Change Robe can easily fold up and pack away into one of our handy change robe stash bags. This means that you can confidently wear the Red Pro Dry Change Robe everywhere you go, safe in the knowledge that it can be conveniently stowed away when the springtime sunshine pokes out from the clouds.

Perfect Springtime Training Partner

Spring also naturally coincides with the point at which many of us up our efforts and intensify training goals. Perhaps you’re working towards a half or full marathon, about to embark on triathlon season, or more casually getting back in open water again after having the winter off. Whichever camp you fall into, having equipment that you can rely on is key when you’re ramping things up and demanding more from your body. Lots of different aspects of the Red Pro Dry Change Robe work together to make it the perfect springtime training partner. The cosy fleece lining is perfect for keeping warm and aiding recovery if that out-of-water transition is proving a struggle, while the multiple secure pockets are invaluable if you’re moving between activities and need to keep your kit stowed but easy to access.

Regulates Temperature

There’s no doubt that a changing robe comes in handy when you’re cold, but what you might not be aware of is that the best ones are designed to regulate your body temperature in all conditions. This is exactly what the Red Pro Dry Change Robe does and is another reason why it is the best changing robe for spring. The fleece lining is moisture-wicking and the waterproof shell is incredibly breathable and these features mean that the robe is just as good at expelling existing moisture as it is at keeping new moisture out when things do start to warm up. As a result, you can count on the Red Pro Dry Change Robe to keep you comfortable in scenarios where you might otherwise be concerned about overheating.

Visually Pleasing

Available in a range of colours, the Red Pro Dry Change Robe is also the perfect choice for anybody wanting to be the coolest changing robe wearer this spring. Whichever design you do go for, all feature subtle rather than sponsor-like branding which gives the robe a much more premium look and feel compared to some of the other popular options on the market. This means that, while you’ll be right at the forefront of spring fashions when you get yours, you won’t feel like an advert for a brand of times gone by when you continue to wear it in future seasons.