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Meet Gold Coast Non-Profit Swimming Community Tidal Talks™️

Posted by Lydia Burdett

We were lucky enough to join and hang out with the amazing Tidal Talks™️ out on the Goldie at Mermaid Beach. Tidal Talks™️ is a not-for-profit community organisation designed to improve young people's mental health positively by facilitating a swim and sip every Wednesday at 6am.

We caught up with the founder Thomas Reeves to chat about how this group came about & why the local community loves and needs it!

When and how was Tidal Talks™️ born?

Tidal Talks™️ was born on the Gold Coast to provide a much-needed service to a transitional place where thousands of young adults find themselves in each year. University, work, or travel brings countless quantities of people to the Gold Coast every year. Tidal Talks™️ offers these people or anyone else who seeks belonging and friendship in their lives as a means to enhance their mental health and well-being. It is a routine, resilient group of people that are passionate about embracing vulnerability and welcoming those from near and far to our community.

Have you always been passionate about being outside and connecting to the ocean?

Connecting people not only to one another but with the outdoors plays a significant role in encouraging many positive emotions including calmness, joy, creativity, and concentration. One of Tidal Talks™️’s philosophical values is based on mindfulness as it enhances our ability to engage with our environment and decompress from daily stressors. Swimming in the ocean and paying attention to feeling the cold water move around our bodies is an example that connects us to these moments, our emotions, and importantly others who share the experience.

What is Tidal Talks™️ purpose and what makes this community so special?

Our Mission/Purpose: To grow an authentic, inclusive, caring, and vulnerable community of people who adopt social connection as a vehicle to enhance the mental health and well being of others.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunrise of course, you have to earn it.

Can anyone come and get involved?

Inclusivity is one of Tidal Talks™️’s core values and the warm invitation to join in extends to anyone from anywhere. If you are on the Gold Coast and fancy getting in touch give them a follow and drop them a DM or just turn up!

Dip: Mermaid Beach, GoldCoast 6AM @tidaltalks

Sip at Rafiki after! @rafiki_flavourbomb