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Original Adventure - Meet Tenacious Tom

Posted by Ross Montadon

Introducing Tenacious Tom

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes, for some it’s a quick paddle on a summers evening or bike ride after work. Or even a picnic with the family can feel like a real adventure with little ones in tow and for the more adventurous it’s loading up and disappearing for a few days. However for the vast majority of people during the winter months, we adopt a weekend warrior approach in order to get our fix. The original adventure celebrates any adventure, in any form. To start off 2019 we decided to catch up with keen paddle boarder and all-round nice guy Tom Taylor or more commonly known as Tenacious Tom. To find out how he packs his days with adventure whilst juggling his day job as a full-time teacher.

A Georgia Farm to Florida beaches

You only have to take a little look at Tom’s social media page to feel the hankering to book a flight to somewhere warm and hit a tropical climate. Whilst Tom’s photos share blue waters and good times on the many hot Sup spots down in Florida, growing up on a rural Georgia farm was where Tom developed his love for the outdoors.

'Growing up in rural Georgia on a farm, I never got to experience water as I do now and I truly enjoy it.'

Tenacious Tom paddling into the sunset

Tom balances his outdoor lifestyle with working as a full time Physical Education teacher. As a keen sportsman teaching comes naturally and over the years he’s enjoyed a host of sports from soccer, American football, to track and field. For now though, it’s all about the watersports such as surfing, wakeboarding and of course paddle boarding. Outdoor recreation is where the fun lies for Tom, on days he can’t hit the water he enjoys his local hiking and biking trails.

Tenacious Tom

Tom’s paddle boarding days began as a summer job which evolved into a hobby. His passion has allowed him to travel all over the world and share his passion with others. He shares with us one of his most memorable experiences competing in Barbados at the Red Paddle Dragon Championships.

Tom Dragon World Championships.

‘I travelled there thinking about competing in competition, but I experienced so much more. I left there with new friendships, a golden tan, a taste for gin and incredible memories that will last a lifetime.’

The clear Florida waters keeps him constantly busy, where he finds adventure on an almost daily basis and he is rarely seen without his waterproof deck bag on board and paddle cap keeping him cool from the intense Florida heat.

The opportunity for such a variety of water to paddle on is what attracts Tom, such as enchanted springs and beautiful beaches, to paddling along side the infamous Florida Manatees. He’s certainly convincing us to book a ticket to experience some of the paddling delights that Florida has to offer.

If you fancy a slice of the Florida paddle boarding dream. Check out Toms Instagram page for some paddle boarding inspiration.

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