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SUPTwelve - What's It All About?

Posted by Lydia Burdett

Endurance paddle events are rapidly gaining in both popularity and number with paddlers looking to step up to something a little more challenging and place milestones in their paddling calendars. SUP Twelve is one such event that pits mental toughness against enduring SUP stamina - so what's it all about?

Photo Credits: Annagail Leaman, Happy Snapper

Hosted in Torbay, UK - just a stones throw from the Red Paddle Co office, SUP Twelve poses a simple question of those taking part of 'How long can you keep going?'. 

Hosted over 12 hours, paddlers are tasked with racking up as many laps of a 3.5km course as they can. Each lap finishes (and thereby starting the next) by encompassing a short on-land circuit passing cheering crowds of spectators and refuel stations. It is a brutal cocktail of will power, weather and fitness as with every lap the option to simple stop and give-in grows stronger in competitors minds.

Don't be fooled though, despite being on paper what sounds as if it has been designed to break souls and cater for the elite few - over 100 people took part in the 2024 event. Amongst those pitting themselves against the clock was a mixed group including everyone from internationally renowned champions to those in search for a memorable day out. The latter taking each lap in their stride, either as individuals or as part of a team. The result is one of the most sociable and spectator friendly long-distance events there is. From paddlers on their all-round Ride or Sport touring boards through to heroic efforts resulting in paddlers covering 100km+ (33 laps) - everyone is in it together. As it is a circuit, there is no 'back' or 'last place', just a continuous cycle of paddlers doing it for themselves, taking on a challenge and drawing a line in the sand - leading the way for the for the next wave of challengers.

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Photo Credits: Annagail Leaman, Happy Snapper